Birkenfeld offers different sport and leisure-time facilities to its guests. The 700 years old municipality of the Enzkreises is lays on one gently to the Enztal dropping hill (260 - 461mNN). Two landscapes meet and penetrate themselves here in delightful way: the famous recovery- and hikingparadise of the black forest with its high forests and light meadow valleys and the far hill country of Pfinz- and Kraichgau, where agriculture and viticulture have formed country and people for centuries.
There are many things to discover, starting at our hotel.

- in the black forest
- in the Casino Baden-Baden
- to the thermae in the black forest
- to the black forest mills
- into the Alsace
- a.m.m.

- museum of jewel in Pforzheim
- castle and mine in Neuenbürg
- coutrified museum
- a.m.m.

Our hotel is also a brilliant starting point for hiker of the “Westweg” and the “Enztalradweg”.